RegTech - Raising the status of Technicians

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RegTech - Raising the status of Technicians

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“RegTech” is the name of a project established by the Prospect union to promote and support the registration of technicians – be these ICT/IT Technicians, EngTech and SciTech.

The Project seeks to engage and work in partnership with employers and local Prospect branches to jointly support potential recipients of the EngTech, RSciTech and ICT/IT Technician title.

It also seeks to work with those who wish to champion this form of vocational development in the workplace and/or supervises or manages apprentices.

The Project is also working with professional bodies such as Engineering Council, Science Council, British Computer Society (BCS) and the EngtechNow campaign with the stated goal of making...

“technicians, their employers and the general public more aware of the quality standard which EngTech/SciTech and ICT/IT Tech represents, and to increase the number of professionally registered technicians in the UK…prompting a step-change in the recognition, adoption and ongoing use of the Tech title”. - (EngtechNow website, 2015)

The Project is supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. 

Why Prospect?


We represent technicians

Prospect is involved with the promotion of the technician registration programme through its role representing engineering, ICT and scientific technicians across diverse industries in both the public and private sectors.

Our membership data reveals there are more than 500 different types ranging from mechanical, electrical, laboratory and research technicians through to those working in the areas of archaeology, fisheries, horticulture, food and forensics. There are in excess of 1.5 million technicians working across the UK economy. 

Prospect represents members interests at work

Prospect’s aspiration is to enhance skills and personal development opportunities for all members. The Prospect policy is “lifelong learning should be accessible to all” and that “there must be governmental coherence on policies and decision affecting investment in skills” (Prospect Conference, 2006).

Through our activities and skills support we seek to represent members’ career aspirations through focusing on transferable skills and skills acquisition, continued professional development and positive support for lifelong learning.

Time served technicians

Many established technicians have not had their skills, knowledge and expertise recognised.  Technician registration offers an opportunity to consolidate any existing qualifications to a proven level of professional, international, standard.

The process also recognises your transferable skills and experience.

Apprenticeship AppApprenticeships

Prospect believes in high quality apprenticeships that attract a fair rate of pay, involve a job with a productive purpose and include career opportunities.

To that end Prospect has developed a free downloadable Apprenticeship Jobs & Guide App (available in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store).

Apprenticeships are seeing growing levels of investment and increased take up by business amid a developing perception that the work-based training model is an important means of identifying and expanding workforce talent.

Against this background Prospect seeks to support apprenticeships with clear, structured career routes for young professionals – and the technician registration process can help provide this.